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User Guide - How to use your Draindane

Congratulations on your new Draindane!
It is important that you follow all the steps in this user manual as an incorrectly installed or incorrectly operated Draindane can cause water damage.
Everyone who operates Draindane must be familiar with the contents of the user manual.

The package includes:

1 Draindane, 1 lid, 2 AAA batteries, 1 8mm raw plug, 1 screw, 1 user manual.
Please check that all parts are in the package and are intact. If you notice that one or more parts are missing or defective, contact your dealer.


Screwdriver (torx 20, not included)

Environmental considerations:

Draindane is made from recycled plastic and can be used again and again.
If Draindane is discarded, it must not be disposed of with household waste. Instead, it should be delivered to the nearest recycling station (plastic / electronics).
Alternatively, the Draindane can be sent for recycling to:
Kirk Plast Complete A / S,
Hjardalsvej 20,
7700 Thisted
NOTE! Never use a faulty Draindane. If there is damage to your Draindane, such as visible cracks, Draindane should be discarded.
Draindane ApS, its employees or dealers cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage, consequential or unintended damage, loss or expense of any kind as a result of loss of earnings, disruptions or damage caused by malfunction, installation failure, operating errors, use of Draindane with visible damage or the like. Draindane ApS disclaims any warranty, express or implied, unless otherwise stated in the terms of sale and delivery at any time.

Before Use

  • The Draindane is programmed to beep when full and needs to be emptied. This is done by a red LED light flashing and a beep every half hour.
  • Emptying is done by holding a bowl up under the lid of the Draindane. Tilt the small part of the lid down and let the water run into the bowl
  • When the water stops running, the lid is pushed back into place and the red lamp stops flashing.
  • When Draindane is ready to be dismounted, a green LED light is flashing and two short beeps come at two-hour intervals. This alarm and the green flashes only stop when the lid of the electronics is removed from the Draindane.
  • Battery change: Draindane flashes yellow when it is time to change batteries. The batteries should be replaced as soon as Draindane gives signs to avoid any water damage. This is done by first emptying the bowl from water as described above. Then, gently pull down into the small lid which will cause the whole lid to come off. The lid must be completely clear of the bowl, after which the batteries can be changed.
Tools Normal Full Alarm Ready to take off Battery on activation Battery Change
Control light No lamp Red flashes at short intervals Long range flashes 2 yellow flashes Constant yellow flashes
Beep No signal A beep every 30 minutes 2 quick beeps in succession at two hour intervals 2 beeps No signal

Getting Started Guide



  • You will need an 8 mm wall drill in case the Draindane is mounted directly in a concrete element. Always use drill bits and raw plugs that fit the material Draindane is to be fitted into.
  • A minimum of 50 mm is drilled into the ceiling
  • The hole should be approx. 8 cm from the drain hole. Drill between the channels (pay attention to the channel direction).


  • The two AAA batteries are inserted into the battery holder on the PCB. Two distinct beeps indicate correct mounting.
  • Circuit board 1 is inserted into the Draindane. The hooks on the PCB must be pushed into the holes at the top of the cone (illustration 1).
  • Then gently screw the bowl up into the ceiling (DO NOT tighten tightly as it may crack, resulting in leaks)
  • Circuit board 2 is attached to the lid (illustration 2). Caution! Insert the PCB with the battery holder away from the water plug. When mounting the PCB on the lid, as shown in the illustration, the Draindane logo on the PCB must not turn upside down.
  • The lid is pushed into place in Draindane and pressed in with several clicks until it is level with the bowl (illustration 3). For easier mounting, a line mark is made on the bowl to be equated with the line mark on the lid.
Caution! The drain lid must also be pressed fully open so that it lies flat with the rest of the lid and bowl. Incorrect mounting may be associated with a risk of the Draindane leaking and water damage.
Immediately after installation (the first 7 days), Draindane must not be left unattended for more than 1 day. After the first period, Draindane must not be left unattended for more than 2 days. For absence as just described, flip the small lid down and place a bucket on the floor under Draindane.
If this procedure is not followed, there is a risk of water damage.

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