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March 6. 2019
1. These terms of sale and delivery apply to the purchase of goods on Draindane.com for delivery in Denmark, except Greenland and the Faroe Islands, unless otherwise expressively agreed.
2. To trade on Draindane.com you must be 18 years of age and hold a valid debit card, which we accept. However, if you are not yet 18 years of age, you can still buy goods if you have obtained your guardian's acceptance or otherwise have the legal rights to make the purchase.
3. The amount of the goods will not be deducted from your account until the goods are shipped. For partial delivery, only the amount corresponding to the actual delivery is deducted. We reserve the right for price and printing errors on the website and reserve the right to cancel the order in the event of a material and / or obvious error.
4. Immediately after the order, you will receive an order confirmation. You can receive a copy of the order confirmation by e-mail info@draindane.com until the item has been delivered.

Right of withdrawal from consumer purchases

5. When you shop at Draindane.com you have a 14 day cancellation right where you can notify us that you regret the purchase and then return the item to us.
6. In order to assert the right of withdrawal, you must give us an unambiguous statement within 14 days of recieving the goods.
7. The right of withdrawal runs from the day you received the item. If the deadline expires on a public holiday, Saturday, Constitutional day, Christmas Eve, 1st or 2nd Christmas day or New Year's Eve, the deadline is extended to the following working day.
8. Upon receipt, you must handle the goods alone in a manner that allows you to determine the nature, characteristics and manner in which the goods function.

By trade

9. When you trade on Drainedane.com as a trader you do not have the right of withdrawal.
10. Reservations are made for sold-out goods, price increases at suppliers, supplier failure and VAT and tax increases.
11. To the extent that Drainedane.com is liable, liability is limited to the direct loss and thus does not include indirect losses such as lost labor profits, transport costs, operating losses, installation costs, etc.
12. Any order is subject to force majeure. Draindane.com has, in the event of force majeure, the choice between withdrawing the trade, part of it, or delivering the agreed item as soon as the obstacle to normal delivery has expired.
Draindane.com is in the event of a force majeure without any responsibility for any loss to the buyer due to failure to deliver.


13. If you exercise the right of withdrawal, the goods must be returned to:
Draindane ApS
Farverland 4
2600 Glostrup
14. Upon return, the goods must be securely wrapped. The buyer bears the responsibility for the package / goods until the goods are received. The buyer is encouraged to save a receipt as well as track and track number.
15. The buyer must pay the costs of returning the goods himself when the trade is undone.
16. Draindane.com expects you to ship the goods as soon as possible after you have given notice of cancellation, and you must return them within 14 days of making your purchase.
17. Draindane.com notices that packages sent by no claims or parcels without distribution will not be returned.
18. Upon return, Buyer must enclose a copy of the order confirmation or other purchase documentation with the order number.
19. When the item (s) is received, we will check it and you will be refunded the amount you paid to us upon purchase.
20. The amount is always transferred to the same method of payment used when ordering. For example, if you paid with a card, the purchase amount is returned to the debit card you used in the purchase.
21. Payment of the purchase amount is refused in whole or in part if the value of the goods has deteriorated due to
  • The item has been put into service,
  • The item is damaged while the Buyer was responsible for the item
  • Buyer has handled the goods in a different way than was necessary in order for you to determine the nature, characteristics and the way in which they work.


22. Purchases on Draindane.com are subject to the Purchase Act, including the deficiency rules. This means that the Buyer can either get a defective item repaired, exchanged, money back or discounted price, depending on the specific situation.
23. It is, of course, a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect did not arise as a result of an improper use of the product or other injurious behavior.
24. You must advertise within a "reasonable time" after you discover the defect in the item. We recommend that you advertise as soon as possible and within 2 months of the error being detected.
25. If you are a trader at Draindane.com, you must advertise immediately after you discover the defect in the item.
26. You may advertise by contacting Draindane.com by email to info@draindane.com.
Depending on the specific situation, you will receive the further instructions.
The item should be sent to:
Draindane ApS
Farverland 4
2600 Glostrup
27. When returning goods, please state as detailed as possible what the problem is.
28. If the claim is justified, Draindane.com will reimburse your reasonable shipping costs for returning the item to us. Otherwise, you will have to bear all transportation costs yourself, including our shipping costs for returning the item upon inquiry.
29. Remember that the item must always be shipped in proper packaging and note that packages sent by no claims or similar are not returned.

Complaint as a consumer

30. If you would like to complain about your purchase, please contact us at mail info@draindane.com. If we are unable to find a solution, you can file a complaint with the Competition and Consumer Agency's Center for Complaints, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby, via www.forbrug.dk.
31. If you are a consumer resident in an EU country other than Denmark, you can complain to the EU Commission's online complaint portal via http://ec.europa.eu/odr


32. In order for you to enter into an agreement with us at Draindane.com, we need the following information:
  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone / mobile number
33. We register your personal data for the purpose of delivering the goods to you. The personal information is registered with Draindane.com and stored for five years, after which the information is deleted.
34. When personal information is collected through our website, we ensure that it always happens when you give your explicit consent, so that you are informed of exactly what information is collected and why.
35. Information is not disclosed or sold to a third party unless this is done in connection with a restructuring or a full or partial sale of the business. Any disclosure in such a situation will be in accordance with the Personal Data Law applicable at any given time.
36. As a Buyer, you have the opportunity to gain insight into our registration of data about you, and you can object to a registration in accordance with the rules on this in the act on the processing of personal data and inquiries in this regard is directed to info@draindane.com
37. By using Draindane.com, you agree that we use cookies. A cookie is a small data file that we place on your computer to keep track of what is happening during your visit and to recognize the computer.

Disputes and Litigation

38. Purchase of goods at info@draindane.com is governed by Danish Law. Any dispute is settled by the Danish Courts.

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