How Draindane® Works

Is water coming down from the ceiling?

Draindane makes life easier for construction managers, workmen, administrators and residents in new construction!
Our patent pending drainage collector collects the water that forms in the concrete elements during the construction phase. Afterwards, the water finds its way down and out through the concrete ceilings. Therefore, a hole is drilled into the concrete channel, the channel emptied for water and immediately after a Draindane is installed in the ceiling. Draindane collects the remaining water, which often takes a couple of months, where residents need to look at ugly buckets in their homes - but not anymore!

Draindane is molded in a white color code (RAL 9010) that fits perfectly into the ceilings of all new buildings. To protect the environment, Draindane is manufactured to be used over and over again.
It is also manufactured from recycled plastic - in that way, we do not contribute negatively to the over-consumption of plastic with the production.
Draindane is an aesthetically inviting and incredibly practical drainage collector that is easily mounted in the ceiling and resembles a white lamp. With Draindane, all parties in a new building release the inconvenience and heavy administrative processes associated with draining water completely out of the ceilings.
  • In Draindane there is an electronic water meter. It indicates if the collector needs to be emptied via an alarm beeping and a red LED light flashing.
  • The drains can easily be drained of water while staying mounted in the ceiling if needed.
  • When the drain hole is dry and Draindane can be taken down, another message show via an alarm beeping and a green LED light flashing.
In short, Draindane eases the workflows of construction managers and workmen and provides happy and satisfied residents.

Get Rid of Buckets in the Ceiling and on the Floor!

Before Draindane, the following scenarios were not uncommon: The construction manager had to spend time managing the weekly drain hole inspection. New residents could enjoy the dubious honor of having buckets standing or hanging in their apartment until the water drained completely from the ceilings. Property managers were buzzing with unhappy tenants and rent compensation because the tenants wouldn't accept the inconvenience of having buckets standing or hanging in their brand new apartment.

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More Benefits With Draindane


Draindane saves you from:
  • Buckets on the floor, on the couch, on the kitchen table or maybe in the ceiling
  • Ugly stains in the ceiling
  • Annoying dripping noise
  • Odor nuisance from the plastic buckets
  • Frequent visits by workmen
  • Unnecessary contact with administrator
  • Fights about rent compensation/re-housing
Instead, you get:
  • X number of Draindanes in the same color code as the ceiling
  • No ugly stains in the ceiling
  • No annoying dripping sounds
  • No smells from plastic buckets
  • Only two visits by workmen. (Setup and dismantling)
  • Less and better contact with the administrator
  • No need for rent compensation/re-housing


Draindane saves you from:
  • Cranky residents
  • Daily angry mails
  • Heavy work processes
  • A lot of coordination
  • Risks of claim for rent compensation/re-housing
Instead, you get:
  • Happy residents
  • Significantly less mail correspondence
  • Easier work processes
  • Significantly less coordination
  • No risk of rent compensation/re-housing requirements
  • A solution where a drainage hole can be managed with just one request from a resident. You simply forward the info by email to the caretaker, who will be responsible for the rest of the process

Construction Managers

Draindane saves you from:
  • Countless supervisions of drainage holes
  • Trouble with buckets everywhere
  • Increased risk of damage to the floors
  • Continuous moisture measurements of various drainage holes
  • Many time-consuming workflows
  • A lot of trouble when the residents have moved in
Instead, you get:
  • Reduced supervision of drainage holes
  • No hassle with annoying buckets
  • No risk of damage to the floors
  • No moisture measurements of various drainage holes
  • Significantly fewer workflows and thus more time for other tasks
  • No annoyance or hassle about daily complaints from residents about drainage holes
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