The Story Behind Draindane

The Draindane concept and product was developed by the undersigned.
I have a real estate service company (Wilner ApS), and the idea came up in my proces of moving residents into new construction.
I see highly dissatisfied residents on a daily basis. The problem is the current solution for drain water holes, which is a black bucket. Either standing on the floor or hung in a hook in the ceiling.
When I first became aware of the problem, I was surprised that there was no better solution than the bucket. It should be possible to come up with a more user-friendly and nicer product - that could benefit residents, construction managers and administrators alike.
My idea was to come up with something that was easy to mount in the ceiling, which could grab the water, and roughly should look like a white lamp blending in with the ceiling.
This is how Draindane came to be. The shape itself has changed several times over the course because of the way several different factors have to be taken into account - and because I have also become clearer about what needs it has to cover.
The most important thing with Draindane has always been to ease the work of everyone involved in the problem of drain water holes. Therefore, we are constantly testing the product and gathering feedback from the users, and therefore the concept is constantly evolving.
The result is practical and aesthetic - read more about Draindane here.

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